When mother nature strikes first.

Roof Leaks can occur any time, to any roof. Be prepared when this event happens. From small drips to catastrophic events, we are prepared to quickly and effectively halt water. Repairing your roof on a consistant basis can help to protect from leaks before they happen. This combined with our Consultation service makes life a whole lot easier.

What’s involved?

Prestige Roofing Solutions offers 24-hour emergency services for leaks and hail damage. All service provided at the time of visit. Anything from water removal, debris haul off, and mold treatments are also provided. We focus on investigation, resolution and remediation.

What constitues an emergency?

Anything from water to hail rushing in to your building/structure due to roof damage. If you feel you may have a structural emergency, please give us a call immediately. Our normal operating hours are 7AM to 5PM, however, we do respond to after-hour emergencies*

*extra charges for after-hour treatments may apply

How much does this cost?

The fees associated to responding to an emergency will always be lower than the assets at risk. The cost of losing personal possessions, large machinery, or anything else of value is much too great.

We not only halt leaks and damages in their tracks when mother nature strikes, but also provide peace of mind when it comes to protecting your investments.

Typical Rates $52.00/per man hour + materials
Emergency Rates $84.00/per man hour + materials